I come from a professional background in Economics, but my heart couldn't resist my passion for design and human behaviour so I went back to school in 2020 to pursue a postgraduate studies in Interactive Media Management.

I have always been fascinated by the human psychology and behaviour as well as the little details of any product and how they form its identity and purpose. 

UX research is among the things that I enjoy the most, figuring out complicated problems and designing the best solution to serve the product purpose and achieve the required target is very fulfilling.

A huge believer in the power and impact of good designs and innovative technologies, and love to learn and get inspired from the industry legends like Jony Ive and Raymond Loewy.

Bad designs are everywhere and it is inspiring, because sometimes the difference between a bad one and a good one is so small that it makes me wonder how it was missed. But I see that as an opportunity for research, how was it missed? What would’ve been done differently that would’ve made the design better? How can this be avoided? These are simple questions but profound because more than often a good design is just a couple moves from a bad one.

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